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In my parents’ house there already were dogs, such as keeshond, poodles and terriers and other animals.

I started in 1972, together with Jürgen Papenfu?, with the breeding of Irish Wolfhounds, as I have already Bassethound bred. Later joined Deerhounds and Whippets.

On my first World Exhibition in Dortmund, I only received a ‘good’  for our first Irish Wolfhound, from the famous breeder of England, Mrs. Nagle. However until now that has not kept me from going on with showing dogs and breeding successfully.

Ch. Myojo Pugmalion "Bruno"

In 1998 came our first pug, male “Ch. Myojo Pugmalion”, into our house, which I purchased directly at Cruft’s. Since that time we all have the “mopsfever”, even those who did not have it before. Even though now 15 years old and a bit deaf, “Bruno” still makes us happy with his unique character. However he is still very vital, after all he just became 3 time father in the kennel  “Vom Ulmer Haus” by Monique Jansen in Holland, with which we have developed a very successful friendship and cooperation over the years. Bruno unfortunately deceased on November 13, 2011. We miss him.

In more than 35 years we have bred over 300 champions in all 4 dog breeds, German and International in 21 countries, 13 World Champion, over 45 federal and European Champion, BIS in our two largest exhibitions such as federal and European Champion, numerous group wins and BIS on special exhibitions. Oelmühle-dogs have been exported to 24 countries.

I started in 1982 as a judge of the two breeds Irish “Wolfhounds” and “Deerhounds” and since that time I went to all the major exhibition at home and abroad.

In 2007 I was honored by the VDH with the highest award of the Association, the Baron of Gingins medal, for our excellent breeding performance of Irish Wolfhounds for so many years.

In 2008 I started with my training as judge (for pugs) and in October 2009 I successfully completed it.
Now I wish I have a good instinctive feeling for “our pugs”.

Jürgen Rösner

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